Home Automation

At Simon Scott Electrical we can get you set to control your home using the latest in Smart Technology

We give you control of the essentials such as heating, lighting, security and wi-fi and also have the knowledge and experience to integrate the must have items such as TV, audio, home cinema and motorised curtains and blinds. You'll be able to monitor and control everything from your wi-fi remotely.

Once we've set-up your Smart Home system for you, we'll demonstrate how it functions, enabling you to control your home via keypards, touchscreens, your smartphone and even with your voice.

We'll happily provide a free consultation to work out what form of Home Automation is best suited to your needs and get you on the road to your very own Smart Home.

Whole Home Wi-Fi

One of the most common questions we get is "How can I improve my wi-fi?". The majority of UK homes has some form of wi-fi issue, whether it's wi-fi blackspots in certain parts of your home, slow speeds at peak times or the need for better parental control.


The ideal wi-fi set-up will provide a blanket coverage of strong wireless signal throughout your home. When installing your system we locate the optimum position in your home to ensure you get great signal whether you're on the sofa, sitting in the garden or tinkering on the driveway.


Gone are the days of bank robberies, the majority of financial crimes, including theft, now take place over the internet. Ensuring your wi-fi is secure against cyber crime is an essential factor of modern life, we'll set you up with the latest security and firewalls and provide a schedule for ensuring your system is updated regularly.


Our easy to use systems allows you to control what your kids can access online, provides a guest network as standard and makes changing your wi-fi password to something you'll actually remember, a walk in the park.